Ironman 4×4 Torsion Bars

Ironman 4×4 produce a range of uprated torsion bars that feature a higher spring rate to support extra weight from additional accessories such as bullbars, winches and dual battery systems.

Ironman 4×4 Torsion bars produced by Ironman 4×4 undergo class leading manufacturing processes to ensure the highest possible quality, including:

UP-SET FORGED ENDS – Stronger than machining alone, forging manipulates steel grain for superior strength and durability.

PREMIUM MICRO-ALLOY STEEL – Exceeds OEM steel grade for ultra long life and less sag.

INCREASED BAR DIAMETER – Higher spring rate better supports added accessories and balances front and rear suspension performance.

X-RAY EXAMINED – Each and every Ironman Torsion Bar is X-Ray tested to eliminate risk of breakage due to material flaw.

DIRECTIONAL PRE-SETTING – Torsion Bars are rotationally pre-set in their direction of installation to reduce spring settling. Each bar is marked for left or right fitment.