Ironman 4×4 Foam Cell

Premium shock absorber for superior endurance in all conditions.

  • FOAM CELL TECHNOLOGY – Micro-Cellular closed cell foam insert maximises cooling efficiency by occupying less internal space than gas within a pressurised shock absorber. Greater oil capacity and more surface area maintains lower operating temperatures.
  • 40-45mm TEFLON BANDED PISTON – Precision shim-stack piston specifically valved by Ironman suspension engineers, banded with teflon for smooth long life operation.
  • 60-64mm TWIN TUBE BODY – 50%-100% more oil volume than a gas shock absorber for superior cooling and endurance. Twin tube construction protects internal components from rock damage.
  • 20mm HARD CHROME PISTON ROD – Hardened and polished, volumetrically balanced to piston size.
  • FLEXIBLE RUBBER BUSHES – Offers quieter operation and reduces damaging side loads from shock absorber.