Ironman 4×4 Leaf Spring

Ironman 4×4 produce a wide range of Leaf Springs to suit a range of load ratings, all designed to maintain optimum ride height.

Leaf Springs produced by Ironman 4×4 undergo class leading manufacturing processes to ensure the highest possible quality including:

INTER-LEAF LINERS – Used in some applications to lower friction between leaves reducing noise and improving comfort.

LINED BOLT CLAMPS – All Ironman springs feature bolted guide clamps for greater flex, the addition of anti-friction liners ensures noise free smooth operation.

SHOT PEENED – Shot peening manipulates the spring materials surface tension to reduce stress and will enhance the springs life.

DIAMOND CUT LEAVES – Distributes load at the leaf tip and reduces interleaf friction.

MILITARY WRAP – Where applicable, an additional wrap around the leaf eye protects from failure in case of damage.