Ford Ranger PXIII 8/2018+ Twin Drawers – 1300mm

Maximising your capacity and usability of your storage in the rear of your vehicle.

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Back, stronger and better than ever Ironman 4×4 Locksafe Drawer Systems have undergone a significant evolution.

Using stronger materials and better locking mechanisms all whilst saving you money, the Ironman 4×4 Drawers are a leap forward for an already quality product.
With the new drawers featuring:
• Tested and complies to ADR3/02, ADR 34/01 and ADR42
• 100 kgs rating per drawer set
• Lockable and safe storage system – both drawer locks keyed alike
• T-Lock handles for easy of opening and closing
• All internal walls and base of drawer lined with UV stabilised heavy duty black marine grade carpet
• Child restraint points
• Cross folded drawer floor
• Body made from 2.0mm galvanised sheet (33% stronger than previous model)
• Drawers made from 1.5mm galvanised sheet (25% stronger than the previous model)
• 12mm marine grade plywood top, lined with UV stabilised heavy duty black marine grade carpet
• 25% Larger bearing than the original bearings used
• Mounting hardware included
All of this makes the Ironman 4×4 drawer systems, stronger, safety, quieter and easier to use and install.

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Weight 76 kg