DeltaWing Awning Wall Kit

Wall kits to suit each model

For the ultimate camp set-up it’s hard to beat a good set of awning walls to really keep things comfortable while adding additional sheltered space to your camp.

Available for each model of Deltawing 270˚ is a wall kit.

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For the XT-71 and XTR-71 two wall kits are available, a 2-panel window kit (2 large mesh windows with roll down rain flap) and a 2-panel window and door kit (1 large window with roll down rain flap and one large door with mesh and roll down rain flap. 2 kits are required for total coverage.

For the XTR-143 a single 3-panel kit is available which consists of one large door and two windows, each with mesh and roll down rain flaps.

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Weight 10 kg