5″ Universal LED Light With Side Shooters

Side shooters illuminate dead area providing 140 degrees of light.

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Ironman 4×4’s 5″ Universal LED Light with Side Shooters are designed and engineered to meet the demanding conditions of off road and on road travel, providing 140 degrees of light.
Using the latest technology, featuring Osram LED’s these lights are brighter and more efficient than ever before, increasing visibility and reaction time – keeping you and your passengers safer.
Manufactured from diecast alloy housing built to withstand hours of corrugations and extreme conditions, featuring shockproof polycarbonate lenses and high-quality reflectors for ultimate performance.
• 6000K white light to imitate natural daylight.
• Featuring 3W high lux output Osram LED’s.
• Output: 61W high lux.
• Rated to IP67.
• Capable of submersion and high pressure water blasts.
• Operating voltage 10-30V DC.
• Lumens: 6540 raw.
• Lux/10m: 1166lx
• Current: 4.171A@12V / 2.05A@24V
• LED Chips: 9x5W / 8x2W